July 2019

Dear friends of EFAITH

2018 was an active and important year for EFAITH. As stakeholder of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, we had the opportunity to defend the importance of the industrial heritage and the role of associations and the civil society to save and interprete it.

But importantly, last year we also started a processus to provide EFAITH with a new legal structure and new statutes. This took the necessary time, but now we are officially – after recognition by Royal Decree – an “international non-profit association” (‘association internationale sans but lucratif’, aisbl). Only the Belgian legislation, voted in the international movement after the First World War, allowes such a statute.

E-FAITH is now “EFAITH”, without a hyphen.

In the course of the next months, the new structure will be filled in. Old and new members can join again, as no members were accepted because of the changeover procedure in 2018.

That is why we now invite you to renew your membership or to become a member with your association, institution or individually.